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Aberdeen based Fashion lecturer, mum to Romy and Arlo, dog lover and vegerarian (90% vegan/ 10% chocolate). I teach on the Fashion Management programme within the School of Creative and Cultural Business at Robert Gordon University. I’m Head of Year for the Stage 1 BA (Hons) Fashion Management at RGU and my main teaching areas include fashion history and evolution, managing creative projects and PR. I supervise a range of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, mainly in the areas of fashion communication and social media production.

My blog is mainly dedicated to my research interests of Scottish fashion and identity.

If you are interested in my blog or aspects of my research then please get in touch at m.marcella-hood@rgu.ac.uk.

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Marcella, M. and Rowley, S. (2015). An exploration of the extent to which project management tools and techniques can be applied across creative industries through a study of their application in the fashion industry in the North East of Scotland. International Journal of Project Management. 33(4). pp. 735-746.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Madeline, I’m a year 12 student from Australia and one of my subjects is called ‘Society and Culture’ for this subject I’m required to do a “Personal Interest Project” (PIP). So for my PIP i have chosen to explore fashion and identity with a basis question of “how may fashion influence our identity?” I came across your blog doing some research and i was wondering if i’d be able to do an email interview with you for my assignment?

    my best contact is my email: kj_1998@live.com.au

    it would be great to have someone with your knowledge on fashion and identity contributing to my assignment.

    Thanks – Klhoe Crouch 🙂

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