the Golden Show


As part of their third year, the fabulous BA (Hons) Fashion Management students are organising our annual fashion show event which will take place on Friday the 29th of May (doors open at 7pm). This year’s event celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Aberdeen Business School in support of Down’s Syndrome Scotland.

The Golden Show will showcase celebratory fashion from Aberdeen’s Bon Accord & St Nicholas. In addition, there will be a number of stalls from local business on the night, including T and Cupcakes, the Body Shop, and Little Fairy’s. The students organise every aspect of the show, and this includes: conceptualising the theme; designing a communication plan and marketing materials; and managing the event on the night, where students will welcome guests, operate cameras and lighting equipment and organise models and garments backstage.

I’m hugely looking forward to – what has now become known as – fashion show week, where the students will work to transform the Aberdeen Business School atrium into the Golden Show. A huge thanks to our sponsors who’ve helped enormously in the run up to the show and, in particular, our main event sponsor AVC Media. I’d also like to thank Stacey Strachan makeup and Toni & Guy who will be styling our models.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased by clicking here.


My love for Instagram


My love for Instagram just keeps growing ❤

Last night I was looking back through my own photos and thought it was really interesting to see how my visual identity has changed over the past 2-3 years since I created my profile. It was also fascinating to see how image quality and filters have developed over this time (something I hadn’t appreciated!)

Here’s the most recent snapshot from my Instagram profile (which I think sums me up quite well). Mum to baby Romy, auntie to two amazing nieces and a nephew, dog lover, birthday cake connoisseur and consumer of fashion; the latter has evolved from personal to baby fashion as you can see! A more recent addiction (over the past year or so) is children’s books! I just love spending time in the book shop, library or garden centre (yes – they have the best books!) with Romy and she just loves a book! I think this all reinforces some of Veblen’s ideas about conspicuous consumption where social media has simply made this all the more conspicuous; is the reason we consume to be seen to consume?

After pondering my own identity I revisited the profiles of two of my closest (and oldest) friends:


I’ve been friends with Eilidh and Adele since we met at School about 16 years ago (such a long time really!) and we’ve been close ever since. We have very particular ideas about what is nice and our tastes are actually very similar.

These screenshots are from their most recent array of photos; none of us are hugely regular posters. We probably average around 1-2 posts most weeks. Eilidh (above) is a makeup and fashion lover from Aberdeen. She loves her sisters, friends and family (and cocktails – of course). Eilidh is a fabulous present buyer and a loyal and generous friend – she takes her time over detail (and is as a result a fantastic organiser of events). Eilidh tells it like it is and is one of the funniest people I’ve met.


Adele (probably the least frequent poster of us all) is a successful restaraunteur, who runs 210 Bistro in Aberdeen. She’s a clever cookie and works so hard to make her business amazing! She enjoys fine dining almost as much as she loves skiing and snowboarding. Adele is a thoughtful and caring friend and girlfriend who is very close with her family. She loves to bake (mostly for friends’ birthdays) and travel.

It’s hard to believe that Instagram has only been around for 5 years and it’ll be interesting to see how things evolve…

MMXV (2015) Magazine

The Fashion Place


Well done to our second year Fashion Management students. Their beautiful magazine has arrived featuring insights into many facets of the fashion industry and celebrating 50 years of Aberdeen Business School.

Our thanks and appreciation go to all of the contributors who helped to make this publication an outstanding example of innovation, collaboration and celebration. A special thanks to Lucy Campbell, our cover model.


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Swishing, pampering and socialising


Kids at Ferryhill is a non profit community group of mothers who organise the local baby and toddler groups in Ferryhill, Aberdeen. Romy and I have made some wonderful friends through the group. We live in town and walk absolutely everywhere and it’s so lovely to leave the house knowing you’re going to bump into a friendly face (or two, or three), in Duthie Park or on the way into town. Kids at Ferryhill is such a valuable resource for families and babies!

And we’ve not just bonded over our children, but another common interest where conversations have often led on to the subject – fashion: baby fashion; maternity fashion; postbaby fashion (when you’re breastfeeding or still not quite back to your usual size); and (of course) Aberdeen fashion.

In a combination of our interests, we’re organising a Ladies’ Swishing event which will consist of clothes swapping (where attendees should bring along around 3 items of their own or child’s clothing), pampering, and (of course) socialising at the Inn at the Park on Polmuir Road, Ferryhill. Tickets cost £10 and include a drink at the bar.

It’s going to be a fabulous event ❤